Terms & Conditions

Regulations of October 1, 2019.


1.1. These Regulations set out the rules for the use of accounts for individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) on the website located in the domain movielibrary.website, weeboxee.com and zimny.org (hereinafter referred to as “MovieLibrary”, “WeeBoxee” or “service” and “Zimny’s Brain”) CRN. 10980605 address point 6.2. of these Regulations and constitutes the regulations for the provision of electronic services within the meaning of the law governing the provision of electronic services.
1.2. MovieLibrary is used to provide real-time audio-visual, informational and social content to registered portal users. MovieLibrary and Zimny’s Brain provides a service consisting in providing access to the Virtual Private Network infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as “VPN”) to mediate the transmission of publicly available materials on the Internet and stored inside the Zimny’s Brain network in the form of saving publicly available information, social and audio and video materials from the public network Internet on servers administered by Zimny’s Brain (hereinafter referred to as “cache”) to improve the quality of transmission and the speed of transmitted data for MovieLibrary, WeeBoxee and Zimny’s Brain network users.
1.3. MovieLibrary, WeeBoxee and Zimny’s Brain do not create copies of the materials offered as part of the Zimny’s Brain cache. The internal VPN network also does not allow downloading of cache content to end users.
1.4. Cache maintained on Zimny’s Brain servers is available only to registered users of the “MovieLibrary”, “WeeBoxee” and “Zimny’s Brain” sites.
1.5. The cache maintained on Zimny’s Brain servers may change due to the availability of new content generally available on the public Internet. It may or may not use Tor, i2P and other protocols as well as Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, Premiumize and other multihosters networks to update the presented content.


2.1. In order to register, the User should complete the registration form on the MovieLibrary website, make the registration fee as part of the payment methods available on the website, agree to the conditions provided in the registration form and activate his account via an activation link sent electronically to the address provided by the user in the registration form .
2.2. Users can complete or change information within their account by editing their profile. The extent to which these data can be used by MovieLibrary and how they are removed from the database is determined by the Privacy Policy of the MovieLibrary portal.
2.3. When registering, the User selects a pricing plan suitable for his needs, which gives him access to the internal VPN infrastructure of the Zimny’s Brain network.
2.4. The user connects to Zimny’s Brain VPN with the OpenVPN protocol guaranteeing his anonymity and privacy and administered by the Zimny’s Brain network and currently meeting the latest security standards for the OpenVPN protocol.
2.5. Fees for accessing the Zimny’s Brain VPN network are calculated on a monthly basis corresponding to the purchased service and are used to maintain the infrastructure, ensure the quality of services within the VPN, MovieLibrary, WeeBoxee and Zimny’s Brain networks and their administration.
2.6. In the account registration process and fees charged as part of MovieLibrary, WeeBoxxe and Zimny’s Brain, external financial service partners specified in the registration form take part.
2.7. MovieLibrary, WeeBoxee and Zimny’s Brain do not store any information about personal data or payment card numbers used to pay for registration or monthly fees under the user’s account.
2.8. MovieLibrary, WeeBoxee and Zimny’s Brain does not disclose any user information to third parties, unless required by law.


3.1. The User undertakes to use the account in accordance with its intended purpose, applicable law, social and moral norms, the provisions of these Regulations and the net rules of the label, in particular for the content it publishes.
3.2. Users are prohibited from:
3.2.1. Dissemination of content with unlawful content, child or animal pornography or the use of violence, ethnic, racial and religious hatred, referring to words commonly considered offensive or violating morality,
3.2.2. Obstructing other Users from using the website, taking actions to read access passwords of other Users,
3.2.3. Posting scripts, exploits and viruses on the website that can disrupt the operation of our networks and servers,
3.2.4. Sharing your account or purchased services with third parties,
3.3. Violations of the provisions of these Regulations may result in a warning, blocking public access to the account, complete blocking of the account, deleting individual content, limiting the possibility of using certain services or website functionalities or deleting the account along with all materials collected on it.
3.4. The User may not return or exchange the purchased service unless it was not provided during its duration.
3.4.1 The User may at any time resign from the service without claiming a refund of the fee, which results in the cancellation of the service in the next billing period.


4.1. MovieLibrary, WeeBoxee and Zimny’s Brain is committed to providing a VPN service to registered users, and in particular to:
4.1.1. Monitoring the activity of servers and other components of our network and the operation of our internet connections inside and outside the VPN, and the possibility of blocking internal and external traffic for administrative purposes and in connection with the security of our VPN and its users.
4.1.2. Constant update of the software and current security standards VPN, OpenVPN and server software used on the site,
4.1.3. Providing by electronic contact the possibility of reporting problems in the operation of the account and the services offered,
4.2. Complaints about services provided as part of the website may be directed to the address given in point 6.2. of these regulations or sent via the appropriate contact form provided in the user’s account and will be considered within 30 days from the date of registration in the system or receipt of the letter.


5.1. MovieLibrary, WeeBoxee and Zimny’s Brain reserves the right to:
5.1.1. Periodic limitation of functionality or disabling the website without prior notice (including daily administrative work between 5am and 6am UTC),
5.1.2. Completely discontinue the provision of services, after prior notification to the User by electronic means and on the website,
5.1.3. Transfer your rights and obligations related to the provision of services to another business entity.
5.2. MovieLibrary, WeeBoxee and Zimny’s Brain is not responsible for errors of the user’s nature or the quality of Internet connections outside the Zimny’s Brain VPN network.


6.1. All provisions of the Regulations may be changed at any time without giving a reason and will be published in the form of a unified text of the Regulations in the website.
6.2. In matters not specified in these regulations, complaints about services and other, please contact us at the email address: admin (at) movielibrary.website or postal address to the address “Zimny’s Brain” | 15540 Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 8UN, United Kingdom.
6.3. These Regulations shall enter into force on October 1, 2019.