Multimedia Apps

Kodi and Emby media player

At the moment MovieLibrary is compatible with Kodi and Emby media player. You can download applications after logging into your account or directly from Kodi or Emby developers’ websites. This is not a prerequisite for using MovieLibrary as full service is guaranteed through a web browser at after logging into our VPN. MovieLibrary is also not in any way associated with the developers of Kodi or Emby and we also do not provide technical support for these applications, however, being our user you do not have to pay an additional Emby Premiere subscription.

  • The installation process of both players depends on your operating system.
  • Both developers offer their applications in Apple, Google and Microsoft stores as well as their websites.
  • Emby has separate installers for mobile devices, TV sets, game consoles and TVBoxes.
  • Kodi has a rich library of add-ons and can also index your local media such as movies, music or photos, e.g. from a local USB or network drive while being connected to MovieLibrary.
  • Both applications have their advantages and disadvantages. We leave the choice to you.


To use the above applications in conjunction with MovieLibrary, you must always be connected to us via VPN first. See graphical examples of device and home network configuration in our help section.

Kodi configuration

After installing Kodi, you must add the official “EmbyCon” video add-on that will connect Kodi with MovieLibrary. We also recommend installing two add-ons responsible for downloading subtitles for movies because in this installation method you will have access to movies and series from MoviLibrary but not to movie subtitles. All add-ons are included in the Kodi official Add-On repository.

  • Install “EmbyCon” from the “video add-ons” section of the Kodi repository.
  • Install “” and “” from the “Subtitles” section of the Kodi repository.
  • Data for configuring the connection to MovieLibrary in the “EmbyCon” add-on:
    1. protocol: http
    2. host:
    3. port: 8000
    4. username and password are your login details for VPN with MovieLibrary

Emby configuration

After installing Emby, you’re ready to connect to MovieLibrary.

  • Data for configuring the Emby application:
    1. protocol: http
    2. host:
    3. port: 8000
    4. username and password are your login details for VPN with MovieLibrary
  • We also recommend checking the option “save user” and “do not log out automatically” which will permanently save your data to connect Emby with MovieLibrary.