Why did we decide on the VPN protocol

Privacy and no censorship

By creating MovieLibrary, we aimed to ensure complete anonymity and the highest security standards for our users. At present, the https protocol is at a sufficient level to ensure secure data transmission via web browsers such as logging in to portals or filling out forms on websites. Unfortunately, with the current censorship and surveillance of internet providers, it does not ensure complete anonymity on the web. You have certainly encountered a situation when opening a link instead of the expected page there was an information that this page was blocked. This is a typical example of censoring internet content that MoviLibrary is completely against. Another example is the statistics of a network, e.g. Google, which registers every keyword or preferences of people using this search engine.

With a view to privacy, we decided to implement the standard VPN (Virtual Private Network) for MovieLibrary which ensures complete anonymity to our users. The VPN protocol can be implemented in several ways. Our choice is standard OpenVPN which is an opensource protocol and very well documented. Each of our users, regardless of the price plan chosen with us, is completely protected when using MovieLibrary. Neither your internet provider nor any other organization has access to information on what, when and how long you watch by connecting with us. All data is sent via VPN protocol tunneling your connection to MovieLibrary. The standard in VPN technology is tunnel UDP protocol but we decided to choice TCP protocol which provides better quality in media streaming.

Our price packages include two ways to configure VPN. "ACS VPN” and „ProACS VPN" . „ACS" in the name is our abbreviation for "Anty Cenzor Secure". The term we decided to use to define our approach to censorship of content on the internet. These plans differ from each other in the way you connect to MovieLibrary and both provide the same and the highest security standard.

  • „ACS VPN” allows you to connect to MovieLibrary with the TCP protocol on port 8080. This configuration is not blocked by most firewalls both internet providers and companies, hotels, etc., i.e. places where you would like to use MovieLibrary. This plan does not allow simultaneous connection to MovieLibrary and the Internet. You must disconnect from MovieLibrary VPN to have internet access again.
  • „ProACS VPN” in MovieLibrary it is configured with the TCP protocol on port 443. Thanks to this setting, you can use MovieLibrary even in places that have a very restrictive approach to Internet access and is virtually impossible to block by the network provider. This plan allows simultaneous VPN connection with MovieLibray and the Internet. Traffic to MovieLibrary is through the VPN tunnel and internet traffic through your ISP.

MovieLibrary is built on the highest class dedicated servers and connected to the public network by multiple high-speed connections, which ensures no buffering and enables media streaming "on the fly". The library itself does not create copies of the movies you watch with us. We are connected to networks Torrent, Real-Debrid, Usnet and others which gives us unlimited access to content on the public network.

The use of MovieLibrary is completely legal even in countries that restrict the torrent protocol. Your service with us is connecting a VPN to MovieLibrary. In addition, thanks to VPN technology it is impossible to censor or filter.

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MovieLibray Team

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