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New movies from around the world, our classics and new productions, music concerts, movies for kids and many more categories.
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Welcome to MovieLibrary

Over 11,500 online movies in the highest 1080p FullHD quality and more of them every day. Our library is growing day by day. Visit us every day and you’ll find that we don’t make false promises. We have new hits from around the world, classic movies, music concerts, movies for kids and many more categories.
Being with us you can add movies that we don’t have yet! Just add them to the search list and we will try to have them the next day.
Even your internet provider cannot censor you!

Your privacy above all

Privacy is No. 1. in MovieLibrary. Your connection with us is encrypted and even your internet provider does not know what and when you do or watch with us. The Internet should be for everyone and without restrictions and this is our motto. The VPN connection provides you with this privacy.

The latest technology in multimedia streaming

MovieLibrary does not create or copy movies that you can watch while being with us. We are connected by multiple mega bandwidth connections to Torrent, Real-Debrid and other networks. The “cache” that we have is unlimited and streaming servers are top-class dedicated servers on the Internet. With us there is no cropping or buffering.

Using our library is legal even in countries where the movie was censored. Your plan with us is a VPN connection to our private network!

On home TV and on the go!

We are compatible with any internet enabled device with web browser!
With us you can also go on holiday and in the evenings have access to all movies for yourself and the whole family. Purchase internet access at the hotel and simply connect to your account with us regardless of where in the world you are!

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All your Google apps and MovieLibrary in one place

Fancy hassle free setup TV box?

  • Android TV box with our multimedia VPN network pre setup for you
  • all your favorite Google Play Store Apps
  • share your VPN connection across all your home network devices
  • transform any TV in Smart TV, game console and personal computer
  • you can even use your old Android TV box if you have one!
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